IPL 2017 Auction in February

IPL 2017 is coming very soon. IPL 2017 auction is now scheduled . The Auction of players who are going to be the part of ipl 2017 ghamasaan is fixed in 3rd week of February. Every Year February 1st week is the week of IPL Auction. This time the it gona happen in 3rd week of February.

IPL 2017 Auction Date


IPL Auction 2017

Date of the IPL Auction is not yet disclose by the IPL Governing Community BCCI. This happened because of the dismiss of some high authority in BCCI in January 2017 on the Supreme Court Orders. Contract of IPL players is ended in 2017 tournament because of this in 2018 all players are free to sing contract with other teams.

They can drop themselves for their accrued teams and IPL community too.

IPL auction for 2017

As per the information of our team, The IPL Auction is gonna start after the finish of Inter state t20 tournament on 18 February. That is why the auction is delayed from 2 February to the 3rd week of the February month.

IPL Auction Rules for Uncapped Players

If the Player is uncapped means not signed with any legal team then a team franchise can buy that player without any problem.

So the latest IPL auction news from BCCI is that the Auction is gonna happen in the 3rd or 4th week of February. The schedule and time table of IPL 2017 is also fixed by BCCI

IPL Auction Rules 2017

Every franchise can retain players from previous team squads.
Spending Cap – $5 Million
Minimum Salary – $50,000
Under-22 Minimum Salary – $22,000

How to sign a player in IPL

The owners of the teams can hire a player in many ways. The most prominent way is via annually conducted auctions. The player also can be trade in between teams franchise. Teams can signup any uncapped player means the player who was not associated by any team.

Revenue Distribution
All the money collected from the IPL series will be collected by a central committee , which will distribute it in league management and franchisees. At present, and till 2017, the distribution arrangement is – 54% for franchisees, 40% for IPL and rest 6% is the prize money. After 2017, the proportion will change to 45% for franchisees, 50% for IPL and 5% for prize money.

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